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Amsterdam Tulip Festival 2012

​Tulip time in Amsterdam for 2012 means it is time for the annual Amsterdam Tulip Festival held from May 5th to May12th. The event is a popular tourist attraction and also a national celebration of Dutch heritage and culture. There is no better time to visit Amsterdam and the colorful flower festival with its many entertaining parades, traditional dance performances, traditional food and many localized art and craft fairs too.
Its tulip time in Amsterdam for 2012 as the city gears up for spring and the annual Amsterdam Tulip Festival that will be held from May 5th to May12th this year. Spring is also the beginning of peak tourist season in the Netherlands as thousands of travelers descend upon Amsterdam to take in the nearly seven million tulips in growing in the city parks, public gardens and along the city streets. The annual event is also a national celebration time for the Dutch heritage and culture, and the flower-filled festival is highlighted by entertaining parades, traditional dance performances, traditional food as well as many localized art and craft fairs.

The huge Tulip Festival in Amsterdam is the big brother of a number of other smaller tulip festivals that are held in several different cities around the world with significant populations of citizens with Dutch heritage. Whether it is Amsterdam, or a smaller local event somewhere else, tulip season marks the beginning of spring, and the tulip festivals are popular tourist attractions no matter where they are held including such diverse locations as Albany, New York, Ottawa, Canada, Holland, Michigan, Orange City, Iowa, Mount Vernon Washington and in Australia and England too.

This year, the event in Amsterdam will include moving floats, marching bands, traditional dancers and other displays that take part in the many celebrations and parades during the festival. The various parades are held on different days of the festival and include traditional favorites like the Peoples Parade, the Children's Parade and the Music Parade. Tourists will be glad to learn that almost all Amsterdam parades will cost less than $5 admission if they are not free. Another very popular feature of the festival is the Marktplaat at the Civic Center where the sights, sounds and crafts of 19th Century Holland are on display along with live music events and other stage activities reflecting the Holland of yesteryear. Dancing is a huge part of the festival too, and the traditional event known as the Dutch Dance that began in 1935 is still an active part of the Tulip Festival. These days, the festival will celebrate the Dutch Dance with over 1000 local dancers in traditional Dutch costumes performing traditional Dutch dances each day of the event throughout the city.

Spring is tulip season and Tulip Festival time in Amsterdam and around the world in different locations that celebrate this important season in the history of the Netherlands. It is also the time of year with the best weather for visiting most all of Amsterdam’s museums and other famous attractions. If you are considering making the trip to see the festival this year, get started by booking one of the many great tours that take you through Amsterdam’s historic district, as well as the many beautiful city parks and downtown areas. The inexpensive tours last about 2 hours each and are guided by knowledgeable locals dressed in traditional Dutch costumes.