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What to do in Amsterdam during the Holidays

 Amsterdam and the Netherlands are full of holiday fun for all ages and for the family. Below is a list of some of the ongoing festivities that are happening during December and January in Amsterdam and the  etherlands. Start planning your holiday festivities now!

o Amsterdam Light Festival  - 7 December to 20 January 

o 20 light objects, light sculptures, illuminates buildings and bridges.

o Winterparade -  Dec. 22-26 Oude Park 

o Winter parade with live performances, 500+ guests, festive menu

o Cinderella - Dec 13-Jan1, Muziektheater 

o Dutch National Ballet
o World Christmas Circus - December 21-Jan 6, Royal Theatre Carre  
o Modern circus with artists from around the world
o Ice Skating - Jaap Edenbaan, Museumplein, Leidseplein 
o Ice skating, hot chocolate, hot meals, lights, and jolly cheer.
o Pink Christmas - December 19-31 
o Winter Gay Pride, theatre, ice skating, night clubs and bars. 
o Palazzo Dinner Show - Now-March 3 - Palazzo
o 4 course dinner while watching a show of theatre, comedy, illusion, acrobatics and magic.
o Oliebollen- New Years Eve 
o Oliebol, literally means oil balls, are a traditional treat on New Year's Eve. They can be purchased from mobile stands around the city. Try an appelflappen too!
o Paradiso Boxing Day Concert - December 26
o Paradiso Orchestra perform on Boxing Day to help wake everyone up from their Christmas hangovers. 
o Vintage Tram Ride- Haarlemmermeer Station/Amstelveen Station
o Christmas ride to and from the two tram stations at 1pm. Snacks and other refreshments served during the two hour ride. Reservations required. 

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